Neither do the feelings a parent may experience cheap air

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cheap air jordan Was that really the message I wanted to send? I decided it wasn’t.But, of course, even when a parent makes the conscious choice not to spank her child, the kinds of situations that may bring it about don’t disappear. Neither do the feelings a parent may experience cheap air jordans for sale online that moved her to lash out at her child.”I’d read many books on child rearing and firmly believed it was wrong to hit a child,” says Shelly Whymer, a mother of three, in Pasadena, CA. “But the stress of hurrying kids off to school and myself cheap air jordans size 9 off to work on time, or Cheap jordans shoes my anger over the children’s inability to play peacefully together for three minutes, sometimes made me into a monster.” One time, she Cheap jordans shoes admits, “I was so angry from trying to drive in heavy traffic while the three of them fought in the backseat that I broke my front tooth from clenching my jaw.”Where that mother bottled up her frustrations tightly enough to hurt her mouth, many women find the opposite happening cheap air jordan.

Neither do the feelings a parent may experience cheap air

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