can believe they would let someone like him out on the street

He was rushed to a hospital with critical injuries.The 22 year old victim, Daylon Walker, is expected to make a full replica bags recovery, reported CBS2 Nicole Comstock.He was shot several times in the leg and chest but is already walking around. Walker is a collegiate wrestler.will not sleep, his dad, his family until this guy is caught, said Walker mom., Jennifer Felder.She said bullet missed her son heart by an inch.There was no word on an exact motive in the shooting, although it may have been an attempted robbery or carjacking.Felder neighbor, Jermaine Carter, was upset to find out Perez has a long record.can believe they would let someone like him out on the street, Carter said, horrible. Is considered armed and dangerous.

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can believe they would let someone like him out on the street

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